What to Look for When Buying a Used Car – A Complete Guide

Buying a used car requires that you consider the bells and whistles!

It is not always that one can afford to buy a new car. Most people start off with a pre-used the car before they are confident and comfortable financially of buying a new car even if it is based on a mortgage.

There is no stigma to it like most of the belief:

I have heard a lot of people twitching their noses and disapproving of their children or their acquaintances or friends who would like to go for an already used car. They probably have a prejudice or perhaps a bad experience but let me make it clear up front that there is and should not really be any stigma in buying a pre-owned car.

In fact, I feel it is so good for Mother Earth that more and more people believe in recycling.

We at Mechanicbase want to make sure that you have a wonderful experience with your used car as much as you would have if it was a brand new one!

Here are the things that you may want to consider before going in for one:

Make a list of the things that you are particular about having in your car:

Once you are clear about what you want in a car, you can hit a local dealer and check out the models available. There is no big need to rush. You may also want to check out the other dealers. The list helps you in shortlisting the car that is there at the showroom. We find this exercise extremely useful.

Only remember that the more things you want in the car, the price on the sticker will commensurate.

Check for the maintenance schedule:

You don’t want to buy a white elephant for yourself. So, make sure that you have carefully gone through the preventive and the mandatory service schedule of the car. You must do this in detail to make sure that there is nothing considering that is hidden from plain sight.

Test ride the vehicle that you are interested in:

Usually, a test ride is enough to tell you clearly if you should ride the vehicle home. If there are any repairs or cover-ups it will be obvious from this. So, insist that you drive the vehicle before you sign on the dotted lines.

Unused Car Insurance For A Car You Don’t Drive – Everything You Need To Know About

There are many reasons why you may want to put your car insurance on hold. It could be because your car is in storage for more than a year, your car is broken and needs extensive repairs, you do not stay in the city, you travel overseas often or in case you are ill and cannot drive the car. There could be many reasons for your car to lie idle and when you want to save on the insurance premium.

What are the options available for you in such cases?

  • Canceling your policy

You could choose to cancel the car insurance policy and purchase a new policy once you start driving the car again. This means that you do not pay any insurance towards your car but at the same time in case of any damage or theft your car is not covered.

  • Reduce coverage

You could reduce the level of coverage on your car. This will save you on the premium and offer limited coverage to your vehicle.

  • Laid up coverage

This is chosen by those whose vehicles are off the road when it is undergoing any repair. This reduces the premium amount and protects the vehicle against risks.

  • Restricted usage coverage

This allows you to save money by ensuring your car for some limited miles. If you drive less you pay less towards insurance.

  • Suspendedcoverage

The insurer could offer to suspend your coverage for some time but this is not something easily offered.

If you have a car that you do not drive then at www.247spares.co.uk know how you can put your car insurance on hold. Car insurance is an expense that comes along with buying a car but you start to think about it when you have a car that you do not drive.

Understand the pros and cons of each method of reducing the insurance premium before you choose one.